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Kathem Martin


License Number: SA543017000

About… K K has been a Realtor in Arizona since 2003. Over the last 15 years, he has navigated through many economic cycles and HGTV inspired trend. He is fully committed to helping his clients by sharing his vast experience with custom homes, covering typical transaction expenses and mortgage financing. His innovative use of technology, focused negotiations, ambition, and timely candor helps his clients understand the big picture. As a youth football coach, K is a respected by his peers and the community for time and effort he has given. This dedication stems from his time as US Navy Volunteer for his country. The value and work ethic he gained from this time is evident on the business model displayed today. K, his wife, and 4 children enjoy their life in the Northwest Valley. Pretty much being a native K knows the valley like the back of his hand. There isn't a street he hasn't probably been on in the last 20 years. Why is K the best? He understands you have to live in the home you choose. His job is to negotiate the best deal he can and educate you and protect your interest. Don't let a rookie ruin such a big decision.

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